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Every moment can be

inspiring moment for yourself.


MIO means "mine" in Italian and Spanish. the Inspiration & guiding idea of MIO is to create a high quality personal multifunctional  case to fit many of your daily needs.

Designed to carry

The inner pocket system is made from neoprene fabric known from surfing or diving suits. the soft neoprene will starch to contain all your devices in one protective shell. 

Surface sketchbook models



10''-13'' Tablet case

6''-10'' Tablet case

Mobile phone pocket

Mobile phone pocket

A4 Notebook \ Sketch book

A5 Notebook \ Sketch book

Holds your documents \ Drawings

Holds your documents \ Drawings

Up to 21 pens \markers\ pencils

Up to 14 pens \markers\ pencils

Small notebook pocket

Small notebook pocket

Designed to protect 

Hard cover, made from natural poplar plywood. Creates the solid Drawing and writing board.



Designed to hold for years in its entirety & can be cleaned easily.


The book's bending mechanism   is made by using laser cutting technology which allows accurate cutting by heated stripes across the wood surface & gives a clean and unique look to the surface cover.


Designed for comfort

In addition to the storage space , MIO Surface sketchbook will provide you the most comfortable drawing and writing board, a convenient mouse pad or as a heat protector for a laptop when it is on your knees.

One amazing gift.

For kids
The perfect painting set that will keep all the colors in order for the moments of creation and will provide an inspiring drawing experience.


For students 
An amazing learning kit that will keep all the equipment available and provide a comfortable surface for writing on a school day, in a lecture at the university or outside.


For creators  
Whether you are a painter, designer, writer, or just write your own diary, Mio Surface sketchbook will provide you the perfect experience for a new creative day.


For business
In every business and office  we must organize and prepare our meetings, as well as taking notes for important things with our clients or collages, MIO surface sketchbook will provide the most suitable solution as well as will look stunning on every meeting table.  


For Architects 
Get the most simple and efficient tool for your studio, one of the things  that easily fulfil your secret desire for order inside all the ideas running around your mind the Surface sketchbook will provide you the moment you wish for with your drawing set.  


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Our values:

Time is Art


Belongs to all

Durable, Useful, Beautiful. 

Giving is receiving.

Produce no waste.

The images on the website are for demonstration only.

© 2017 Original Design by Avihen Levi ,Mio.Design  LLC. All Rights Reserved.

Gift in every pack

Sketch & Write Notebook .

The rows are printed only on one side of the page, allowing  Drawing & Writing on the same notebook, in addition each page has a place for a date and signature.

Belongs to all

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