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It is a great pleasure for me that you arrived here.
The site contains some of the architectural and design work I have created over the years And held to illustrate a life experience in a unique and inspiring neighborhood. Living in a pastoral place, working close to home, and having an education system adapted to our children.

"Architecture is a social composition that is expressed by building materials"

As an Architect, my Mission is to enrich people's lives by designing their environments to be fascinating and inspiring.
And to create new locations that people will be intrigued to visit or even proud to call home.
So if you would like to have a rich social life.
And if you are interested in spending a lot of quality time in parks on promenades at sea or springs.
The projects on the site will show you the fulfillment of these dreams.

As a designer and artist, I enjoy working in different and diverse fields.

From Product development to marketing presentations & concept websites.

"Design is a Behaviour, not a Department"

Its purpose is to enrich the user experience and the interaction with the project whether it is a City, a building, a product, a physical site, a website, or an app.

How I got into urban planning 

architecture and design.

I discovered the love for colors, notebooks, markers, and pencils at the age of 4, and as a kid, I dreamed of being a Walt Disney painter who could take out of his pen any imagination and revive it in motion.

A formative experience I remember from childhood at the age of 14, is a music festival in nature I traveled to with my family.

There I first met with powerful drum circles that went deep into the night, magical food stalls, and mesmerizing art booths. The union of these sounds smells and tastes and the possibility of experiencing it all. made me fall instantly in love with the essence of life.

Later in the journey, curiosity attracted me to live in different parts of the world and my academic studies in Florence, Italy. I started with a bachelor’s degree in industrial design. And along the way, the squares, the art on the buildings, and the atmosphere in the streets of the city flooded me with the same feelings i had at that music festival from the age of 14 . And so is the Italian charm that will convince me to continue my studies in architecture.

During my life, I have worked in Marketing, Product development.

as well as various offices in the field of Construction from urban planning to residential and commercial architecture and landscape design.

Today I feel that each field has enriched me with a different level of reference to projects & with a greater love for the creation itself.

Avihen Levi

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composing harmonies in Time & Space"

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© 2017 Original Design & Artwork by Avihen Levi  All Rights Reserved.

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